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***Video above: Lost skunk spotted at Cleveland Browns game***

(WJW) – It’s that time of year again — Ohioans can expect to see more skunks around their neighborhoods. If not careful, this can lead to a situation that truly does stink.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, striped skunks are commonly found in all counties across the state.

With mating season in late February through March, skunks become more active this time of year.

Skunks are nocturnal and, according to ODNR, don’t normally cause much damage to property aside from going through trash or eating pet food.

To drive them out, ODNR suggests placing down an ammonia-soaked towel. You can also lead skunks out of a window well with a board that extends to the top.

If a skunk gets inside your home, just open a door and let it leave calmly.

ODNR warns Ohioans against chasing or exciting skunks. When threatened, they can spray up 15 feet.

What should you do if you get sprayed by a skunk? As reported by Healthline, it’s important to first take a shower or bath using a deodorant soap or dish detergent that cuts through grease.

Then, mix two to four cups of baking soda into a bath of hot water and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off, according to Healthline.

You can learn more about skunks on the ODNR website.