LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) – Residents are beyond frustrated by a multi-week delay for bulk trash pickup. It-s massive backlog for Republic Services Ohio created by severe weather on Aug. 23 and 24.

Heaps of trash can be found in various neighborhoods in Lorain. The mounds of bulk waste have been sitting, weathering for more than three weeks in some spots.

Resident Tiffany Ortiz said her street smells to high heaven due to multiple piles of trash on her block.

“The smell is terrible,” Ortiz said. “If you go by any of the stuff, some of this stuff was covered in sewage. So you can smell the sewage, it’s all really bad.”

Another Lorain resident, Jesus Rosario, said his basement flooded so he lost many possessions. Now, he has an eyesore in his front yard.

“I want somebody to come pick it up, because that looks ugly in front of the house,” Rosario said.

Residents said the reeking garbage is an attractant for pests and rodents, something they don’t want anywhere near their homes.

“It’s causing tons of bees, we’ve had more bees than normal,” Ortiz said. “And cats have been over here eating the trash, and it’s going to ruin our grass, that’s another thing. I’m already annoyed about the whole issue.”

City of Lorain Safety Service Director Sanford Washington understands residents are losing patience, but explained this amount of bulk garbage is a mountain to manage.

“Republic is doing all that they can to address this issue,” he said. “And remember, this is not just the city of Lorain, this is all of Lorain County. My message is still be patient. We’re still working with Republic Services. This is a contract thing that we have and they are doing their best.”

Republic Services declined an interview but provided a statement:

“Republic Services is committed to being a good neighbor, especially in the wake of the unprecedented storm that flooded Lorain just three weeks ago. We are asking for the community’s patience as we continue our cleanup effort. Our crews have been working above and beyond, managing up to 10 times our normal volume. We are making good progress and hope to be back on schedule within a week or so. To ensure debris is collected when our vehicles arrive, residents should make sure the material is organized in bundles no more than four feet wide and no heavier than 40 pounds. We are unable to collect material that is left loose or does not follow these important guidelines.”

Residents said each day that passes, the situation gets worse, so they hope help arrives sooner rather than later.

“I’m tired of the trash being on the side,” Ortiz said. “I had my daughter’s birthday party recently and had trash in my front yard. So that was not fun. It’s really embarrassing.”