LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) — The Lorain County Prosecutor has ruled that three Lorain police officers were justified when they shot and killed an armed suspect on Oct. 7.

The investigation concluded that 49-year-old Christopher Allen Boggess posed a threat to the officers, and that their response of firing 10 rounds at Boggess was not only reasonable, it was necessary to save their own lives.

The incident began to unfold on Oct. 6, when Christopher Boggess walked into the lobby of the Lorain Police Department and spoke with an employee at the front desk about getting copies of reports about a break-in at his apartment. Boggess was unhappy about the way police investigated the break-in, and on video from a police surveillance camera, Boggess is heard threatening officers.

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“It’s going to be a big [expletive] game,” Boggess said.

When the employee responded, “have a good day, sir,” Boggess said, “you guys are going to have a real bad week.”

After Boggess left the police department, he passed through a security checkpoint at Lorain City Hall and threatened auxiliary officers.

Witnesses reported that the next day, Christopher Boggess fired a round from a gun as he drove through a neighborhood and pointed a gun at a person he encountered outside Lorain City Hall. Responding officers found Boggess’ car later that morning in the driveway of the management office at the Evergreen Village Apartments.

Boggess, a former resident, walked into the office armed with a gun and complained that he was homeless and complained about how Lorain police handled the earlier break-in at his apartment. The manager secretly recorded Boggess as he made a chilling statement about his intentions, unaware that police officers were outside the office, setting up a perimeter.

“You’re going to have [expletive] blood, you better invest in mops — put it that way — because your [expletive] buildings are going to be turned into Swiss cheese. … You can call the cops and tell them that right now, I’ll blow their [expletive] away. I’m not playing with none of these people no more,” he said on the recording.

Officers noticed that Boggess left his car running outside the office, and inside the car they could see a rifle and his dog. While officers were assessing the situation outside the office, Boggess suddenly emerged. Investigators said the officers ordered him to get down on the ground. That’s when he pulled a gun out of the front pocket of his jacket and started to raise the gun.

The investigation revealed that the three officers opened fire and Boggess was struck 10 times. The officers initially handcuffed Boggess for their own safety and then began to render first aid. He was then taken to Mercy Health Lorain Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A search of Boggess’ car revealed that in addition to the rifle, he also had several improvised explosive devices in his trunk.

Lorain Police Chief Jim McCann said, given the threats that Christopher Boggess made and the weapons that the 49-year-old had access to, he believes the use of deadly force by the three officers may have saved innocent lives.