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BREWSTER, Ohio (WJW) – It’s been four days since reports of two kangaroos hopping around the Village of Brewster were first reported, and police are still working to track down the animals.

Brewster Police are asking people to refrain from looking for the animals, or entering properties of another person to find the kangaroos.

According to police, the first report of a baby kangaroo on the loose came into the station Thursday night.

Then another person stopped at the station Saturday with a video of an adult kangaroo crossing the SR-93 (see the video player above.)

Police say a team of experts will assist with their search on Monday.

Kangaroos are not known to attack humans, but they can become aggressive.

It’s not clear where the kangaroos may have come from or escaped.

If anyone has information or spots the animals, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Brewster Police Dispatch (330)-830-4272.