COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW/WCMH) – Finding a COVID-19 test in Ohio in many areas is like the early days of trying to find a vaccine, where searches turn up blank or the list of providers show up but without available appointments.

The Ohio Department of Health lists hundreds of test providers from across the state on its dashboard. Users can sort by county, ZIP Code, or type of provider.

But can you actually find a test?

Courtesy: Ohio Department of Health

Mapped locations are color-coded by type: regular testing location, pop-up (temporary) site, community health center, and places for rapid tests. Click on a location and the dashboard will show its address, hours and contact information.

So while the website may provide a list of locations, someone looking for a test would have to contact each establishment to find out if they actually have them available.

“When you find a testing location, it’s important to call in advance to ensure tests are available and to determine how to access tests,” the health department notes. “If testing is not available for any reason, many partners can direct you to an alternate location.”