BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – Seeing double? A pair of woodpeckers were spotted sharing a tree in Geauga County Wednesday morning.

As seen in the video above, the birds were hard at work pecking into branches of the same tree in a front yard in Bainbridge Township.

So, was it a happy coincidence or an omen for the upcoming winter?

As FOX 8’s own Dick Goddard reported to the Farmers’ Almanac all the way back in 1978, woodpeckers sharing a tree is a sign of a harsh winter on the horizon.

When recently asked about the list, which can be found here, FOX 8 meteorologist Andre Bernier said it’s “interesting folklore, but all unprovable.”

According to the Lake Metroparks’ website, seven woodpecker species can be found in Ohio — five of which are permanent residents.