Namibia (WJW) – What are the odds? Just weeks after an extremely rare spotless giraffe was born at a zoo in the United States, another was seen for the first time in the wild across the world.

According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a young, all-brown female Angolan giraffe was recently photographed at Mount Etjo Safari Lodge in central Namibia.

Look! Rare spotless giraffe seen in wild for the first time

The conservation group says this is the first time a spotless giraffe has been recorded in the wild in Africa.

“The lack of spots could be caused by genetic mutations or recessive genotype in one or more genes related to the pattern, but without detailed genetic analysis, these are mere speculations,” GCF co-founder Dr. Julian Fennessy said in a blog on the organization’s website.

This comes after a spotless giraffe was born at the Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee at the end of July. She was named Kipekee earlier this month.

According to the researchers, the only other recorded brown giraffe like this was at a zoo in Japan back in 1972.