CHESTERLAND, Ohio (WJW) – Take a look! A FOX 8 viewer shared video of a rather unique deer that frequents their yard in Geauga County.

A piebald deer has been coming around Rob Wantz’ Chesterland home for a few years now. This year, though, as seen in the video, she has been accompanied by two fawns.

“She is at our house almost every day,” Wantz said.

According to, piebaldism is a genetic mutation that causes a lack of pigmentation in certain parts of the body.

Although not as rare as albino deer, researchers say they’re still pretty uncommon. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission says some studies suggest piebaldism may show up in one in 1,000 deer.

Back in February, another FOX 8 viewer shared a photo of a piebald deer he spotted in North Olmsted.