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LODI, Ohio (WJW) — Lodi fire officials are warning residents of a bad batch of kerosene, typically used to heat homes, that was delivered to a local gas station on Friday.

The department says 50 gallons of the batch were sold at the Friendly Express at 830 Bank Street in Lodi on Friday Nov. 18 around 10 p.m. and sold until around noon on Saturday, Nov. 19, according to a Facebook post.

Fire officials say they were told that another fuel was mixed with the kerosene tank accidentally. This bad kerosene can cause damage to heating equipment, short and long term, and can even cause an explosion.

“If you know anyone that uses kerosene in this area, please reach out and see if they purchased any on Saturday morning,” the post said. “If you purchased kerosene during this time, you are asked to please return it to Friendly Express for exchange.”

Anyone wondering if the kerosene they purchased is part of the bad batch should contact the store at 330-948-1062.

As of Monday morning, there are no reports of injuries or any heaters being damaged, Lodi fire officials say.