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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Voinovich Park was full of activity Sunday as people enjoyed the holiday weekend and got ready to watch Cleveland’s Light up the Lake fireworks show.

“Celebration is always a good thing,” said Clevelander Corey Brooks.

The show was canceled last year due to pandemic concerns but people seemed comfortable being back out and mingling with others.

“If everybody took their shots, if they feel, if they’re happy and comfortable with what they did, just have fun, let’s enjoy each other,” said Candace Benton from Columbus. 

Chicagoan Jasmine Curry felt the same. “As long as everyone else is vaccinated or they at least wear the mask if they know they’re not fully vaccinated yet, I’m OK with that, but other than that we just keep our distance and you know not be all up in each other’s faces.”

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People came from different parts of the country like Washington, D.C.,  to see what Cleveland has to offer. 

“I came here because I heard about Cleveland fireworks especially with the reflection over the water. I am just so thrilled,” said Cole Miller.

“We’ve done it for years at, you know for years in Columbus, Ohio, but they’re saying due to COVID they’re not going to do it there so I’m like, ‘Oh, OK, let’s go up to Cleveland, Ohio,'” said Burton.

Some Clevelanders and out-of-towners showed up hours early to get a good spot. 

“I figured that it was going to get packed very you know fast so I thought to get down here cuz this is only one of six spots that you’d be able to watch the fireworks,” said Brooks.

Other recommended spots by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance were the west and east banks of the Flats and other parts of north coast harbor like Edgewater Park and Whiskey Island.

The crowds gave an extra boost to businesses like Nuevo Modern Mexican and Tequila Bar. 

Manjinder Singh and his family usually go to Solon but opted to go to Cleveland this year. “We haven’t seen fireworks downtown before.”  

He says events like these are about creating memories with his family and newborn. 

“This is our first time out with him like doing something like this and it’s his first one. We’re going to remember it for a long time, we want to show him when he grows up that’s the most important things, we’re all here as a family,” Singh said.

A moment after a difficult year, to reconnect as a country. 

“I just want all of us as Americans equally to just set differences aside and just celebrate the day of independence,” said Chicagoan Justice Curry.