SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio (WJW) — Local companies working nonstop to clean up from last weekend’s storm may have to do it again.

Less than a week after severe weather hit Northeast Ohio, Icon Tree Services in Sheffield Lake is still working to clear downed trees.

“As soon as the wind picked up, the calls started coming in. They came in from everywhere: Trees on houses, trees on cars, trees on power lines,” said owner Coy Harmon.

Harmon said his crews have been working non-stop to get customers cleaned up.

“I still have trees on houses that we are still trying to catch up with; trees in yards. We are trying to do them by priority,” said Harmon.

And with severe storms expected overnight into Saturday, Harmon has extra workers on-call over the weekend.

“We will go out and, if we have to, we’ll get the tree off the house or off the car and come back to finish the next day,” said Harmon.

This latest round of weather comes after thousands of people lost power due to gusty winds last weekend. It took days to get the lights back on.

AEP Ohio is prepared, saying in a statement: “Right now, crews are making sure they have the equipment needed on trucks and inventory for replacing poles or other equipment. We’ve also proactively requested additional crew support through a mutual assistance program to help with anticipated power restoration needs beginning Friday morning.”

Officials are also urging drivers to use extra caution when driving in gusty winds.