CLEVELAND (WJW) – A local woman is making it her mission to spread the sweet meaning behind the Sweetest Day holiday.

“I wanted to give back. I love children,” said Raina Young of Cleveland.

Young is celebrating Sweetest Day Saturday in the sweetest way.

“When I tell people, they are surprised. At the same time, I wanted to shine light on Cleveland because I thought it was really nice that Sweetest Day started in Cleveland,” said Young.

Sometimes called the second Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day is actually rooted in random acts of kindness. The holiday was created right here in Cleveland back in 1921 by a group of candy-makers with the intention of handing out candy to orphans, shut-ins and others who were often forgotten.

“Actresses gave out chocolate to the newspaper boys, and then it started to be a thing but it seems like nobody remembers what it is all about,” said Young.

A model herself, Young’s mission is to remind people through The Sweetest Day Foundation. Saturday, they will hand out over 100 gift bags to underprivileged children at the Zelma George Family Shelter.

“We made goodie bags with nice stuff in them and we are going to give out hats and gloves as well, and food,” said Young.

This year, on the third Saturday in October, Young encourages everyone to celebrate Sweetest Day in the most meaningful way.

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