WILLOWICK, Ohio (WJW) – Mischief-making is not uncommon on Halloween, but a FOX 8 viewer discovered that this year’s holiday actually brought out the very best in a young trick-or-treater. 

As little ghosts and goblins were heading out for Halloween in Willowick, Sally Suponcic put out a bowl full of candy in front of her home with a sign, letting the trick-or-treaters know that she and her family would not be home.

The sign said they should take a piece of candy from the bowl, with a reminder to be considerate of others.

“I assumed that it would be emptied pretty quickly and that was OK because I know kids are kids, and I just kind of wanted to at least make the effort,” she said.

Sure enough, the candy was gone in no time.  

However, when Suponcic got home, she checked her Ring camera and was astounded to see a video of a young boy on the camera, who upon discovering that the bowl was empty, put his own candy in the bowl to make sure that other trick-or-treaters did not leave empty handed.

“Honestly, I was amazed, just amazed because kids are kids, and the temptation of candy and nobody is there watching, and this and that, and this little boy’s instinct was leave more for others,” she said.

Suponcic, who is a secretary at Royalview Elementary School in Willowick, was so touched by the generosity of the trick-or-treater that she decided to find out who he was.

The principal of Royalview Elementary was able to identify the boy from the Ring video, and that’s when he was called to the office.

As you can imagine, the boy was initially worried that he might be in trouble, and that’s when Sally and the principal were able to tell him how impressed they were with his good deed on Halloween.

“Your acts of kindness, even when you don’t think anybody is watching, still matter. He’s got a kind heart,” said Suponcic.

She has nominated the boy for a special award at Royalview Elementary for students who demonstrate positive behavior and kindness.

We are told that while the boy’s family is very proud of his generosity, they did ask that he not be identified for the story.