Related video: Local reactions to the leaked draft majority opinion to overturn Roe Vs. Wade

(WJW) – Local and state officials are reacting after the Supreme Court confirmed the authenticity of a draft majority opinion to overturn the 1973 decision in Roe Vs. Wade.

State Reps. Shayla L. Davis (D-Garfield Heights), Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) and Monique Smith (D-Fairview Park) released the following joint statement:

“The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, if made official, would endanger the lives of countless women, especially women of color. This decision would completely violate a person’s right to choose what happens to their own body. It is dangerous, and should not happen. We deeply empathize with the pain, fear and heartache that this draft opinion has induced across the nation.

“Unfortunately, this blatant attack on abortion and reproductive rights is not new to Ohio, where the Republican supermajority has introduced a variety of extreme anti-abortion bills over the last few years. But with every dangerous, restrictive anti-abortion bill that has been introduced, Ohioans and Democrats have fought back. We won’t stop fighting to ensure that all Ohioans have access to the full range of healthcare that they deserve.”

Republican Senator Rob Portman also weighed in, stating:

“The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion is an egregious breach of trust and a deliberate attempt to undermine the faith we place in our nation’s most sacred institutions. This further underscores the need for our country to put our political differences aside and work to restore this faith and trust in our institutions. I am encouraged that Chief Justice Roberts has ordered an investigation and hope the Court can identify the individuals responsible and hold them accountable.

“Regarding Roe v. Wade, I have consistently said I believe Roe was wrongly decided and that the elected representatives in the states, not the Supreme Court, should have jurisdiction over this issue.”

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown stated:

This is exactly where we feared that decades of politicians’ attacks on women’s health would lead, and why it’s so important people speak out now. Overturning Roe would take away women’s most personal decisions and hand them over to politicians. We don’t know whether this opinion will become the court’s decision, but we need to act now and pass legislation to protect Americans’ right to make their own private health care choices.”