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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — A custodian at Strongsville High School is under investigation for menacing after allegations by other school staff that he had a gun in his car, and a hit list of people he wanted to shoot, Strongsville police said.

“We have enough problems with the kids doing something like this. Having an adult do it is, I think, very serious,” said Denise Galloway of Strongsville.

Strongsville City Schools Superintendent John Krupinski said the alleged incident happened last Thursday, but school officials were not told about it until Friday evening.

“Anything like that should be reported right away for an investigation,” Denise Wilson of Strongsville said.

According to the police report, when officers arrived at the school the custodian had already left.

Strongsville police send out a statement saying that during their initial investigation they did not find any evidence of a gun or a list.

Krupinski said there are a lot of rumors going around and they and police are trying to uncover the facts.

While the police report mentions a hit list, Krupinski said he knew nothing about it.

The superintendent’s office also released this statement:

“The district is erring on the side of caution. Consequently, the person in question has been placed on administrative leave until an investigation can be conducted. At no time…was anyone in danger.”

No arrests have been made.