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LAKEWOOD, OH  – It says it right here in black and white.

The t-shirt reads, “Greetings from Cleveland….It’s gonna be a riot” …with the July dates for the Republican national convention printed underneath.

But could it promote the same violence seen last month when clashes between Donald Trump protestors and supporters shutdown a planned rally in Chicago last month?

There were also rising tensions at the Republican candidate’s stump in Cleveland the following day.

The man behind the t-shirt is Colin Dussault of Lakewood and he says the idea happened organically.

Dussault says, “On the 25th of March, I created the design and posted it on Facebook and in like 45 minutes, I had like 60 people who wanted them.”

And those numbers continue to rise. But at what cost?

Dussault is now answering to critics who feel this printed message could very well become reality this summer.

“Truly, my answer is I’m not a Republican, a Democrat, a Conservative, a Liberal, I’m an opportunist, um, I’m a capitalist, I certainly hope there’s no trouble,” said Dussault.

But when we showed a photo of his t-shirt on the streets of Cleveland, the reaction was pretty much the same.

Kristin Kozel of Cleveland says, “There’s gonna be a lot of people that are gonna be in town and people are gonna come to express their opinions either way and I think that we’re already giving them t-shirts and giving them and idea of what they should do? It’s a bad idea.”

“You’re foreshadowing something that may not even exist and you’re forming an opinion in the public’s mind,” says Mike Dubin of Lakewood.

But Dussault is standing by his product.

“I’m not pro, I’m not against, I’m really just the P.T. Barnum to their circus and they’re bringing it to our city. I’m just selling the popcorn and the program to the show that they’re bringing.”

Dussault, who is a local musician, is selling his t-shirts on-line only for $22 bucks each.

He says this is a city where he is born and raised and would never want to see it destroyed by riots.

And just in case you’re wondering, Dussault is a registered Democrat who has supported Hillary Clinton in the past.

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