LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – At Knapp’s Auto and Towing in Lakewood, owner Parker Knapp is already seeing the effects of the United Auto Workers strike.

“When it comes to newer vehicles and cars coming off the lots, we have to get newer parts right from the dealership and that is affecting us,” said Knapp.

This auto repair shop on Madison Avenue is already having a tough time meeting customer demand.

“The parts are being kept by the dealerships and then when they are out of them, we can’t get them. And then they are on national backorder,” said Knapp.

And there’s no end in sight. In fact Friday, autoworkers in Streetsboro went on strike at the
Chrysler parts plant, joining thousands of union members that have been picketing Ford,
General Motors and Stellantis.

“When there is a shortage of vehicle parts, there is a shortage of new vehicles coming down the line. So that means cars will likely cost more,” said Knapp.

The UAW strike could have a local effect on Ohio’s E-Check program. Only seven counties in the state require emissions testing, all in Northeast Ohio.

“When we can’t get those parts, they can’t pass their E-Check. That means they can’t get their registration, their new plates, or their stickers,” said Knapp.

Knapp also believes the ripple effects of the strike could impact other industries.