(WJW) – An American Red Cross worker from Northeast Ohio is overseas helping Ukrainian refugees escape the violence.

“When the crisis broke out, I immediately raised my hand,” said Jenelle Eli, of Trumbull County.

Eli is an emergency delegate with the American Red Cross. She’s one of eight people with the American Red Cross who are deployed overseas helping thousands of Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers on the ground.

“My heart just breaks thinking about it. It’s one thing to hear about it on the news, but seeing it unfold right in front of your eyes is very difficult,” said Eli.

Eli has been stationed at the border crossings in both Poland and Romania for almost a month.

“They are just numb. They’ve been through so much tragedy in the past month and a half. It isn’t an easy thing to see,” said Eli.

Under constant danger themselves, Eli said Red Cross teams work around the clock to get refugees the necessities: food, water and shelter.

Eli said the reality is, the needs in Ukraine are growing every day.

“Most people are just leaving with what they can carry. I saw a mom pushing a stroller in one hand, pulling luggage in another,” said Eli.

At this time, the American Red Cross is not shipping blood products to Ukraine.

While they are grateful for the outpouring of support, the Red Cross said they can not accept donations such as food, clothing and blankets.

So, what can people do to help? Consider donating here.