STOW, Ohio (WJW) — A beloved neighborhood pool is going to be shut down for the summer.

“It’s just sadness. I grew up here, I lived around the corner,” said resident Brian Humm.

The Maplewood Pool is closed this summer.

“Our summer swim team, it was awesome. My son is very disappointed,” said resident Mary Appleby.

It’s been around since 1959 and became a membership pool to the community 50 years ago.

Humm is on the board of trustees who oversee the pool. He cited a lifeguard shortage and lack of funding as the reason for the closure.

“We’ve been trying hard to get lifeguards since December. We got quite a few applicants but one only was certified,” said Humm.

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Appleby said the board voted and decided to close the pool last week.

According to the board, they’d like to secure the funding and reopen again next summer.      However they are weighing other options, which include selling the pool.