Local police officer disciplined after using taser to try and wake tired student

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SMITHVILLE, Ohio – A police officer has been placed on administrative leave after using her taser to try and startle a high school student who had fallen asleep.

Cameron Kosunick says he was tired and was not feeling well when he went to school on August 30. The sixteen-year-old Liberty Preparatory School Junior says he works his after school job job until 10 p.m. or 10:30 and after he gets home he has trouble immediately falling asleep.

Kosunick admitted to falling asleep in the school’s learning lab on August 30, which he described as a study hall.

“I laid my head down and (the teacher) told me you can’t fall asleep, so I told him I was just going to take a little nap. Well, after that, I ended up passing out and I guess while I was asleep (the teacher) tried to wake me up, and I guess it didn’t work,” said Kosunick.

Kosunick said the principal managed to wake him, and told him that lunch was coming, and that he could not go back to sleep.

“I laid my head back down, and when I laid my head back down I closed my eyes. And, I wasn’t even asleep, like I wasn’t sleeping or nothing I could still hear everything,” said Kosunick.

According to Smithville Police Chief Howard Funk, that’s when School Resource Officer Maryssa Boskoski went into the room and abruptly drew her taser, intending to arc it so that the noise would get Kosunick’s attention.

“She apparently thought that it would be effective to arc her taser, making just the sound, not actually putting it in contact with the student, and not shooting the probes out of the taser or anything,” said Funk.

“I just had heard the loud noise and Ikept my ears, I kept my eyes closed and then everybody was talking. It was loud, like everybody was saying how she had her taser out and that’s when I opened my eyes,” said Kosunick.

“For me it was harmless, but that’s because I also had my eyes closed and its not like I seen the taser in front of my face or anything. And for other people that were in the room, that seen everything, I mean it could have been shocking or scary,” said Kosunick.

Even though no one was harmed and the officer’s only intention was to use her taser to make a noise that would get Kosunick’s attention, Chief Funk said the fact that she chose to use it under those circumstances violates department policy.

“Specifically with regard to the taser policy. It prohibits an officer from brandishing, displaying, or in any other way using the taser unless the circumstances are such that the officer believes they may have to use it or has a reasonable expectation that they would have to use the taser to protect themselves or someone else,” Funk told Fox 8 News.

“How I feel about the situation is she didn’t think it through clearly. Her intention was to show off and scare Cameron but really what she did is harm herself,” said Chelsea Mills, Kosunick’s sister and legal guardian.

Officer Boskoski is on administrative leave while the matter is being investigated.

Chief Funk said he has consulted with the Wayne County Prosecutor, who does not believe any crime has been committed.

Kosunick said he does not think the officer should lose her job, but he believes that something should be done to get her attention, just as she was intending to use her taser to get his.

“Like she needs to know that wasn’t right — that she shouldn’t have done that under any circumstance unless she was in danger,” said Kosunick.

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