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PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A canine hero is on the road to recovery after suffering a serious injury during a training exercise earlier this week.

According to the Perkins Township Police Department Facebook page, K-9 Uganda’s stomach flipped during an exercise with her handler, Sgt. Curran.

She was rushed to Med-Vet in Columbus for emergency surgery.  Since it was caught early, Uganda is expected to be just fine.

On Saturday, she was reportedly eating normally and going outside without a problem.

Read the entire update, below:

Uganda is still at Med Vet and may possibly come home today. Here is what we know so far. Surgery went well but when the stomach flips, blood stops flowing and the blood becomes toxic. Once the stomach is flipped back, this “bad blood” flows through the body. Uganda was kept overnight so that IV medicine could fight against this blood.

Today we learned that she was eating and going outside just fine, however, her heart beat is elevated. Med Vet is keeping her a little while longer to monitor her progress and determine if she needs to be placed on another medication. She may come home this evening if her heart rate settles down.

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