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BATH TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – The nationwide formula shortage sparked a new effort in Bath Township aimed to help families feed their babies.

“It’s a very complicated position for these parents to be in, an unfortunate situation,” said Dr. Deanna Barry of Barry Pediatrics.

The pediatrician is accepting drop off donations of formula at her practice located on North Cleveland Massillon Road in Bath Township.

Since the collection began last week, the practice received about 70 containers of formula to donate.

“I’ve come to my office every morning and there’s formula cans out front or in the back for me waiting by my car,” said Dr. Barry.

It’s formula that parents like Lindsay McKinney of Avon Lake are grateful to have in hand. 

“The supply that your child needs and sometimes the milk that you make isn’t actually saturating or providing the nutrients that your child needs,” said McKinney.

McKinney’s son was born three months premature and relied on special formula for a time too. Her family visited Barry Pediatrics Friday for a checkup and to pick up a container of formula to give to a friend.

“We’re hoping Graeme weighs eight pounds,” she said. “When he was born, he was born at 2.2 [pounds] and dropped weight as most babies do after birth to 1.85.”

The initial idea to organize the donation drive began in Willowick where Dr. Jessica Madden of Primrose Newborn Care decided to champion the effort. She said 30 volunteers are involved in the donation drive.

Dr. Madden plans to add more formula drop off locations soon. 

“We’re accepting monetary donations… It’s being put into a fund for families locally who are having a hard time finding hypoallergenic, expensive formulas,” said Dr. Madden by phone.

People planning to donate are encouraged to give unused formula they already have in excess, instead of purchasing new formula to donate. The doctors said each container of formula received is critical to helping a baby grow and thrive.

“People step up to the plate when there’s a need and it’s been really wonderful to see,” said Dr. Barry.