COVENTRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) — Frustrated business owners in Summit County are asking for the public’s help, to identify a thief who has left a path of destruction in his wake. 

Surveillance cameras were recording early Sunday morning, as the suspect used a rock to smash a window to get inside O’Neil Lube, an oil change business on Manchester Road in Coventry Township.

The burglar then stole an SUV parked inside the shop, by putting the vehicle into reverse and smashing through a garage door to make his getaway. The family that owns the shop received an alert from their alarm company early Sunday morning.

Photo courtesy O’Neil Lube

Co-owner Jill Grizer told FOX 8, “when we got here, there was glass everywhere, there was glass all over the back here, it was all over the driveway where he left, it was all over in the street. Who would have thought it would get that far?”  

The Grizer family has run the shop for 18 years and this is the fourth time the business has been broken into in the past year.

“I’m just kind of ready to call it quits … we work very hard for what we earn and after 18 years, I’m just burned out of it,” co-owner Scott Grizer told us. 

It turns out that the SUV taken by the thief was being restored by the Grizer’s sons, who also work at the shop.

“They’ve been trying to do extra work because they want to get ahead, so you have to work a little harder to do that. For someone to take that away is disheartening, it’s angering,” said Jill.

After the previous break-ins, the family decided to pay for repairs out of pocket, because they were concerned that the claims would drive up their insurance rates, but this time, there is so much damage that they say they have no choice but to file a claim.

Their level of anger and frustration about the burglary has been compounded by the discovery that the same man has broken into a number of businesses in the surrounding area, including an asphalt company in Akron.

Surveillance video shows the suspect stealing a truck and a trailer loaded with a piece of construction equipment and then smashing through the front gate at S&K Asphalt & Concrete.

The truck was damaged by the impact, and the video shows the suspect then returned and took another truck and trailer loaded with a piece of heavy equipment.

When asked about the destructive nature of the break-ins and what is motivating the suspect’s crime spree, Jill told us, “I’m angry but I also feel bad for him and all the other people who are a slave to the drugs that drive them to do these things, but he also needs to pay for what he did.”

Anyone who can help investigators track down the suspect, is asked to call the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.