BRUNSWICK HILLS, Ohio (WJW) – A treasure chest of toys and prizes awaits children caught by Brunswick Hills police doing a good deed in the community.

The reward is part of a new program where police issue “Caught Being Good” citations.

“We want children to look up to us,” said Sergeant Jim Sanford of the Brunswick Hills Police Department. “We want them to be able to approach us. With everything going on in society now, we want to be a positive role model for the kids and know they can come to us for anything they need.”

While on patrol, police will be keeping an eye out for children doing a kind act, making a good choice or making safe decisions like riding a bike with a helmet.

The program, still in its first week, is aimed at encouraging good character in children in addition to creating positive memories with police officers on patrol.

“I think every community should be doing something like this,” said Barb Humphrey who lives near the police station. “It will get them doing good things, maybe not looking for trouble.”

Once cited, children can come to the police station with their family for a tour, meet the officers and pick their prize.

“A lot of times, parents want the kids to do something, and they drag their feet and don’t want to do it, but if they know the police are appreciating it too then I think that makes it better,” said program supporter Lorri Huston.

The program is not limited to young children. Teens can also be rewarded if caught in the act of a “being good.”

Once awarded, prizes can be picked up at the police station Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

“Kids today are not recognized for doing a lot of good,” said Sgt. Sanford. “With social media and the bullying that goes on, it’s good to have kids outside and away from all that and hopefully we can show them recognition that by doing the right thing then you can be rewarded for it.”