NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has learned that state agents and North Olmsted police are investigating a police-involved shooting that happened early Saturday morning.

The officer and a man were both injured in the shooting. The officer is expected to be “OK,” police said. The man was taken to the hospital for surgery.

According to a North Olmsted Police press release, a woman called the police around 1:39 a.m. saying a man approached her and said someone was trying to kill his uncle. The woman said the man had blood on him.

When police arrived on Alden Drive they encountered a male suspect with a gun. The man and several police officers exchanged gunfire. One officer and the man were both injured in the shooting.

WJW photo

Police say the home on Alden Drive was fully engulfed in flames. The North Olmsted Fire Department and other agencies put the fire out and evacuated nearby residences.

Next-door neighbors who wanted to use their first names only say this incident was shocking, startling and completely unexpected for what’s a typically quiet neighborhood.

“I hear like maybe like nine or ten, like loud booms type of deal, I was like those aren’t fireworks,” Levi said. “I was like, those are gunshots. Like, I know what gunshots sound like.”

Levi said he was up playing video games when the incident happened, reluctantly looking outside until it was safe.

Gwen, another neighbor said the house that burned down was a beautiful home before the blaze.

“Intense, I mean, that is something I did not ever think would happen, in that realm,” she said. “I mean, it’s beyond me. It’s shocking, I’ll be talking about this for weeks.”

People who live nearby were asked to evacuate the area while the flames were being extinguished.

“We just saw our house and flames in the background and we’re like: Is it reaching our house? Type of deal,” Levi said. “Because you see all these leaves, it’s like, we didn’t know if we we’re going to have a house by the end of the night. You know?”

Agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are investigating the shooting. The State Fire Marshal is also investigating.