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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Life can get hectic, especially with children, so a South Euclid mom has created a ride-sharing program for kids. Her goal is to make transportation safe and easy for parents who can’t always get their children to and from school and activities.

Charisma Curry founded the Cleveland-based start-up, called Parents in Motion Ride Exchange, in 2016 with her business partner Chanel Williams. They officially launched to serve northeast Ohio in August.

“We want to provide safe transportation but want to make sure that every family has the opportunity to pay for transportation even if they can’t afford it,” Curry said.

Curry was inspired to create something to help parents with busy weeks after losing her job while juggling her schedule.

“I was catching two buses and had two small children, one to get to before care, the second to make it to work on time and I ended up having that three strikes you’re out policy,” she said.

She says creating a start-up has been rewarding but like any growing business, there are hurdles.

“The biggest challenge I would say has been trying to keep up with the demand of our driver network because we’re very specific about who drives for us,” Curry told FOX 8’s Alex Stokes.

Potential drivers go through an extensive vetting process for both the applicant and their vehicle. Parents also have access to a mobile app that tracks their child’s pick up and drop off.

“From there they can determine the child’s location, how fast the car is going and how long until they get to their destination,” explained Curry.

Still, the mom of four understands parent concerns’ of putting their kid in a car with a stranger.

“We get rid of that fear prior to the ride by having them set up a meeting with the driver and they can talk to them, ask them questions, see them face to face, do a FaceTime, whatever works best for them,” she said.

The company has begun expansion into Columbus. She says so far she has received grateful and positive feedback in northeast Ohio.

“When I hear that reassurance I’m like, ‘ok I’m still doing the right thing.’ They see my effort and they’re still riding with us,” Curry continued.

Click here to enroll your child or apply to become a driver on the Parents in Motion website.