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EASTLAKE, Ohio– A Northeast Ohio man is warning others while grieving the loss of his daughter.

Karisten Lyn Sherman passed away on Christmas Eve. She was a 2012 graduate of Willoughby South High School.

Tim Sherman, the coordinator for Toys for Tots in Lake and Geauga counties, shared the news on Facebook on Tuesday. Sherman said he tried to help his daughter with her addiction and went to meetings with her.  But he also talked about the tough love, saying he told her, “I will be the one to zip you up,” in a body bag if she could not, “kick the dragon for good.”

In the post, he described getting call from an Eastlake detective, going to his daughter’s home and seeing her dead in bed from a heroin overdose. Sherman said Karisten, who had been clean for a year, was blue in the face and had blood under her nose.

“Well, I kept my word and spread the bag out and carefully placed her in it to say goodbye to her so they can find out what it was that she took. I zipped her up in her body bag and helped them carefully place her on the cot,” Sherman wrote on Facebook.

The emotional post has more than 4,500 shares with some sharing their newfound understanding of addiction.

“I just want all of you to know that no matter who you are or what you do or how perfect you think someone is, that this heroin shit can come into anybody’s life and destroy it. Do not be blind to this.”

Read the full post below. (Warning: Descriptions may be considered graphic. Some explicit language)