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By Fox 8’s Roc Woodrum

CHARDON, Ohio — Frank Baird of Franco’s Pizza in Chardon has won numerous awards and national competitions for his culinary pizza-making skills.

“This is a very prestigious award from New Jersey.  They have the best pizza in the world.  Also the best traditional pizza challenge in Las Vegas, I won there,” said Baird, the owner.

On Monday, April 15 Frank will be in Italy with eight other chefs from around the country representing the United States, trying to bring home the coveted World Pizza Championship trophy.

Frank will be preparing three pies in the competition, but thinks his deep dish Sicilian pie will wow the judges and win it all.  The recipe actually requires two passes through the oven.

“My sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, You’ll see it’s got a deep, rich color. In Italy we’re going to go to the market, and buy everything fresh at the market. I’ll bake that now.  It’s going to have eye appeal, seasoned on the bottom, it’s also going to get an extra dose of olive oil and butter, then it also gets fresh Asiago, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and basil,” added Frank.

He will be leaving for Italy this weekend, and with any luck will come home a winner.