CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio (WJW) – A group of kindergarteners at Gurney Elementary School in Chagrin Falls have a whole lot of courage.

With the help of their teachers, they’re lending a boost of courage to others — over the phone when people call (440) 247-4791. 

“We decided to put together a kinder courage hotline that our community and maybe further reaching than that could call in and get a little dose of what we’ve been learning about,” said Kelly Purcell, one of the kindergarten teachers.

This year, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools chose a district-wide theme of courage. 

“Courage seemed pretty fitting for this year coming off of virtual school and hybrid school and coming all back together in the building and in our district,” said Principal Rachel Jones.

It’s paired with a book of the same name. 

“You can do it always and every day and there are lots of different kinds of it,” said kindergartener Ella Hively.

The school year opened with the courage to make new friends and the kids will close out the school year with something else that takes courage, explained kindergartener Coco Cottone. 

“Helping other people to say goodbye.”

“We sat down as a kindergarten team and we felt we definitely need things that would apply to anyone who would listen to it,” said teacher Rachel Gelber.

Once you call in, you can keypad an option and hear encouraging messages from 80 kindergarteners. These are the options:

  • If you need to hear about having the courage to say goodbye, please press 1 
  • If you need to hear about having the courage to try new things, please press 2 
  • If you need to hear about having the courage to take a risk, please press 3 
  • If you need to hear about having the courage to shine your light, please press 4

“I think kids have a wonderful way of cutting to the chase. I think that they don’t say a lot of fluff, and they tell it like it is. And I think sometimes as adults we need to hear those simplified messages,” said Purcell.

If you need a pick-me-up of courage, you can call (440) 247-4791.