LODI, Ohio (WJW) – A local production company is trying to set a world record for the longest jump by a full-size remote-controlled motorcycle.

Josh Casteel of Airborne Entertainment says they have created the world’s first remote-controlled motorcycle, and plan to send the bike off a ramp and over 18 pianos.

The transformed bike is a 1984 GL1100 Honda Goldwing.

Since the group says there is no current record of how far such a bike can fly off of a ramp. They hope to set that record.

They estimate their jump will be about 100 feet.

If they’re successful, they will join a long list of world record-setting motorcycle jumps. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, there are already records for a variety of motorcycle leaps; from the longest (with and without ramps), to jumps with three people on a motorcycle, even backward jumps and Superman-style jumps.

The jump is taking place Saturday at 4 p.m. in Lodi.