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CHARDON, Ohio — Firefighters with the Hambden Fire Department shared a truly touching story on their Facebook page Thursday night.

Here is their beautiful post:

“Today was a rewarding day for our firefighters.
After responding on our second fire call of the afternoon we decided to stop at King Kone for something cold on this warm day. When we pulled in to park the trucks we noticed a little guy wearing a fire truck t-shirt’s eyes light up.

Seeing us in our bunker pants he immediately approached us and we offered to show him our rigs. We assisted him into the drivers seat and “allowed” him to hit the siren and air horn. We were then informed by a family member that our new friend Dutch is battling cancer. Dutch was the strongest, happiest kid we have ever met.

Although he looked at us like we were his heroes, he is the true hero in our eyes. It was great meeting you today Dutch! You are always welcome in our firehouse!”

Dutch’s mom shared an adorable photo underneath the Facebook post, showing her son inside the firetruck. “Thank you so much for taking time to show him your truck! It truly made his day!!” she wrote. The Hambden Fire Department said Dutch made their day, as well.