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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Faith leaders of Cleveland are hoping to bring people together as the country awaits the final results of the presidential election.

“We’re saying to all of our outlying community’s, both democrat and republican, allow us to support this outcome. We are patient, we are praying that these officials are going to count this vote. They’re going to count it accurately, they’re going to count it thoroughly, fairly and completely,” Bishop Tony Minor said.

Bishop Minor and the other clergy members are a part of a non-partisan group that helps bridge the gap between public policy and faith.

The group said they hope people understand that the process of voting and counting ballots afterwards is one of the keystones of democracy.

“Make sure that this is a face and secure impartial election that those who are counting these votes are not impaired by anyone who is invoking violence upon them but more than anything we want unity in this country,” said Reverend Jimmy Gates.

The group is asking the community to join them in a day of prayer on Friday starting at noon.

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