LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – A local elections office says they are still getting inundated with record requests related to the 2020 election

Paul Adams, Director of the Lorain County Board of Elections, says an estimated one million requests have been made and more are still coming in.

“Most of the requests are for all documents for entire years. In the case of 2020, you are looking at over a million records is what the requests are asking for,” said Adams. 

As for what these requests are for, Adams says you name it. 

“The requests are for all election documents. So, everything from an identification key from an absentee ballot, the ballot itself, a provisional ballot. They are asking for everything election related,” said Adams. 

Adams shared that just over a month ago, the bombardment began and hasn’t slowed since.

“Usually at this point, three to five of them a day come into our office,” said Adams. 

But right now, Adams has no idea who is responsible and for what purpose.

“All I see is the request itself and that request doesn’t necessarily explain party affiliation or the purpose behind what they are doing,” said Adams. 

Adams, who is a Democrat, says regardless of party affiliation, the entire county board is in lock step on trying to solve the records request overload. 

“We are in a situation where I work with our deputy director, who is a Republican so that we are making sure these requests are being done together. It’s not a partisan thing. When we come in here, we are doing our jobs for the right purpose. It’s not a partisan purpose,” said Adams. 

However, the November election is looming and Adams is worried his staff is being stretched too thin. 

“Any removal of our allocation of resources is a concern to me,” said Adams. 

Regardless, the Director of the Lorain County Elections Office remains hopeful his team will pull through. 

“We are trying to remain focused on making sure the election is put together properly and we are trying to figure out how we do both of these things at the same time,” said Adams.