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by Allison Brown, Fox 8 Reporter

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland man using the popular website, Craigslist, to make a quick buck got himself into a very scary situation when he went to meet his potential buyer.

Juan Natal, 20, is still shaken because he says someone pulled a gun on him during the transaction on Wednesday evening.

“I never would have thought that something like this would have ever happened to me,” said Natal.

It happened near E. 80TH near Harvard in Cleveland, just after 5:00 p.m.

Natal tells Fox 8 he felt safe at first.

“First thought was this is a regular transaction, I’ve done this before.  Everything’s going to come out smooth, I’m going to give her the laptop she’s going to give me the money and I’m going to be on my way back home, nothing,” said Natal.

Natal had been texting with the potential buyer, ‘Ashley’ throughout the day and when they met face to face she even asked him a few questions about the technology before the sale.

“Pulled out the laptop and just laid it on the trunk of the car, she’s right next to me,” he said.

But they weren’t alone.

“Everything happened so quickly she asked maybe like three questions before the guy came behind me and pointed a gun in my face,” said Natal.

Quickly, the duo took off with the laptop and the cell phone belonging to Natal’s friend.  It was a traumatic situation that rattles the Clevelander, even days later.

“They have my address, I told them where I live, right now I feel insecure in my own home,

because something like this, I never thought I would have a weapon pointing at me where my life is in danger, looking over my shoulder I hear footsteps and I’m jumpy and everything– It’s very tough on me right now,” Natal said.

Natal says he is probably going to use Craigslist again in the future, but next time he tries to make a sale, he says he’s going to make sure he says in public.

Cleveland Police could not agree more.  When it comes to cases like this, they say you should use common sense.  Police warn that you should always tell someone where you are going, make sure you know the area, and that other people are around you.

That kind of advice is something Natal is taking to heart now, especially because his sense of security is gone.

“I’m in fear, I’m still in fear for my life,” said Natal.

Cleveland police have not made any arrests in the case.

Natal hopes that the people who robbed him get caught quickly, so no one else has to suffer like he did.