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CLEVELAND — The fatal shootings in Dallas, Minnesota, and Louisiana were top of mind on Saturday as a Black Lives Matter group congregated for a peaceful protest in Cleveland’s Public Square.

People there told Fox 8 the message was one of peace, but in that discussion there was an emphasis that everyone needs to step up and make that happen, no matter what race or belief.

“We don’t agree with what’s happened in Dallas, we don’t agree with senseless deaths of police officers either,” said Amani Hill, who attended the protest.

In addition to that tragedy, the group also addressed the recent police shootings where two black men died at the hands of police officers.

They spoke about having justice for all.

“I think to say being pro-black is to be anti-white or anti-police is a false statement,” Hill said.

They tell Fox 8 the goal is to stop injustice in the United States.

“What people seem to misconstrue is that the Black Lives Matter movement is just for black people,
we are for justice.”