BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) – It’s one act to ride a bike. It’s another to land flips and tricks.

Meet Bay Village native and 8-year-old Huck Kurinsky. Ever since he was three, Huck could be found racing his BMX bike around town.

Jumping sidewalks curbs was just the start.

Huck’s parents, Jennifer and Keir, eventually brought him to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland.

“We have this really big BMX place and I’ve been coming here for years and I just like it very much,” Huck said.

Huck’s name has become a legend in these parts.

“A lot of people started coming up to us saying he had something different there,” Keir said. “After several people came up to talk to us just about Huck and his ability, I just looked at him as a kid that liked to ride a bike.

Huck’s parents eventually registered Huck in BMX series all across Ohio and in Florida.

“He’s podiumed every event with the exception of one,” Keir said. “He’s either gotten first or second place.”

Huck is a two-time state champion in the BMX Freestyle and he recently won the USA BMX Freestyle National Championship.

“He thinks it’s fun just to be up there and to ride and to get trophies,” Keir said. “They could give away Snickers bars and that kid would be happy.”’

“Sometimes I’m nervous and sometimes I’m hyped up,” Huck said.

Huck’s accomplishment has caught eyes of few Olympic BMX riders.

“He rides with Nick Bruce, who was an Olympian for the United States team,” Keir said. “Marcus Christopher trains here and he rides with Brian Fox who won a World’s Championship. All those guys are Olympians. My son wants to be an Olympian.”

“I would like to go to the Olympics and go to Tokyo for one of the events,” Huck said.

The Olympics are the long-term goal, but in the short-term, when Huck isn’t winning on the BMX course, he’s giving back to the community. He’s involved with multiple charities helping educate kids his own age about bicycle safety.

“Huck is going to travel around the state this summer and be a part of it and give away helmets,” Keir said.

Huck is an ambassador for “Put a Lid on It Program” —  a program that works with the American Association of Pediatrics to educate and distribute helmets to kids in schools.

“This is pretty cool what he’s doing. We want to try to maximize it outside of the sport as much as we can,” Keir said.

Huck’s quick rise on the BMX circuit has caught the eyes of a global bike company. Huck, his family and the bike company can’t announce their partnership yet, but that company has strong roots right here in Ohio.

“We’re not sure what the full scope is, but Huck is going to represent this iconic bike on a global level,” said Keir.

With an announcement in the coming weeks, Huck and his parents are looking forward to taking this next jump in his young and BMX career.