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CLEVELAND – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, along with her running mate Tim Kaine made a stop in Cleveland as part of their  “Stronger Together” jobs-focused bus tour through Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Clinton spoke at Imani Temple Ministry in Cleveland.

Listen to her speech, above.

Clinton’s campaign originally told Fox 8 that the event was canceled due to time constraints. It appears that the campaign decided to hold an impromptu event anyway, after spending the night in Cleveland at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel.

Cherice Hollingsworth and her children were on their way to visit family when Hollingsworth spotted the campaign’s big blue buses. They pulled over to experience history in the making and a hand shake none of them will ever forget.

“It’s a great moment, especially for my daughter, somebody to look up to besides her mother,” said Hollingsworth.

Jamie Yousaitis was walking up 9th street on his way to see the Tribe when he got a show he wasn’t expecting.

“I’d love to get some pictures, sure, this might be the biggest election in my lifetime, most important election,” Yousaitis said.


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