CLEVELAND (WJW) – Pastors from across the Cleveland area held an annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration Monday.

The United Pastors in Mission Day of Emancipation celebration was held at noon at the Mt. Sinai Church on Woodland Avenue in Cleveland, according to the Cleveland Clergy Coalition.

Since the inception of the national holiday in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin King, Jr. the celebration has been themed, “A day on and not a day off.”

UPM President, Reverend Larry Macon Sr. said, “One day out of an entire year is not enough time to honor the works of King. A day on reflects service as the primary method to commemorate MLK Day, however, we must make reflections and work daily to achieve the dream of King for justice and equality for all.”

The special service was held with Congresswoman Shontel Brown, County Executive Chris Ronayne, Dr. Marvin McMickle and more community leaders, the Cleveland Clergy Coalition said.

Rev. Dr. Tony Minor gave remarks on MLK and America, the City of Cleveland and Justice. 

Bishop Medina, the UPM Hispanic Coordinator, gave special recognition to the pastors along with a plaque of congratulations for their work done in Cleveland.

There were also other pastors and political leaders joining the 2023 event with a Hispanic Choir.

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Senior Advisor to the group of pastors said, “Martin Luther King, Jr. is the greatest American who ever lived and a prophet who was the walking embodiment of the Jeffersonian ideal that all men are created equal.”

United Pastors and Greater Cleveland ministers welcomed everyone to celebrate Dr. King and his family’s legacy, the Cleveland Clergy Coalition said.