CLEVELAND (WJW) — A local boy on Saturday was presented with his very own prosthetic arm at the Great Lakes Science Center created by some of the brightest young minds in Cleveland.

13-year-old Ernest Priester was born without his right hand, caused by something called amniotic band syndrome which happens when strands of tissue from the amniotic sac separate and tangle around parts of the developing body. Ernest’s parents had no idea until he was born.

His favorite thing is flipping, backflips on the trampoline, and front flips on the grass. Basically, nothing holds this young man back. 

So when Ernest tried on a prosthetic arm at the school tech fair a few weeks ago, imagine where his mind went. He described that moment:

“I had to pick up a bottle, a water bottle. When it was straight up I couldn’t pick it up because my arm didn’t bend enough but when I put it down, I picked it straight up.”

Ernest got a bit emotional when he talked about what it will mean to have a right hand.  A tear rolled down his face. 

Watch, in the video player above, the moment he gave his new prosthetic arm a try.

The team who created it has already taken orders from other people in need of a prosthetic arm. Ernest was asked to come back and teach them how to use it.