CLEVELAND (WJW) — Three suspects accused of illegally riding dirt bikes in a large-scale ride on Cleveland streets in May faced a judge on Tuesday morning and pled not guilty.

Jonathan Rivera-Ortiz; 28; Christine Vazquez, 28; and Luis Ortiz, 29, are charged with failure to comply, aggravated riot and inducing panic.

Rivera-Ortiz and Ortiz received a bond of $3,500. Vazquez received a bond of $2,500.

A pre-trial for Rivera-Ortiz and Vazquez is set for June 28. A pre-trial for Ortiz is scheduled for August 1.

Police say the suspects recklessly drove a dirt bike, sometimes reaching speeds more than 80 mph, when police tried to initiate a stop near West 58th Street and Detroit Avenue. The chase ended at West 130th Street with their arrests.

The arrests were part of Operation Wheels Down.