LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) – The Lorain Police Department held a press conference Thursday about the findings of the internal investigation into the fatal shooting of a dog by an officer in July. 

According to Lorain Police Chief McCann, the officer’s actions are considered to have been “reasonable.”

The 3-year-old Labrador and golden retriever mix named Dixie was killed on July 2 by a Lorain officer, who was responding to a report of loose dogs along Oberlin Avenue.

After the shooting, the officer said he shot the dog because she charged at him. Dixie’s owners, however, said she did not pose a threat.

Dixie’s owners claim the officer fired at least four shots in rapid succession and continued shooting even as the wounded dog was crawling back to her family.

During Thursday’s press conference, Chief McCann said a lengthy, thorough investigation was performed before coming to its conclusion. Click here for the full investigative report.

At the press conference, Chief McCann said the officer involved stopped to help people who looked to be chasing and wrangling multiple dogs that had gotten loose.

The first dog who ran to him was considered to be friendly and wagging its tale, according to McCann.

The second dog, the one who was later shot and killed, was considered to be aggressive when running toward the officer. That is when the officer backed up and eventually opened fire on the dog.

The officer was initially placed on modified duty by the department but eventually placed on administrative leave due to death threats that were being sent to him and his family, according to McCann.

According to McCann, the officer involved was following best practices and had reason to believe the dog was going to attack him.

At the press conference, McCann made note that the officer involved in the fatal shooting of the dog was bitten by another dog and hospitalized in April.

Tammie Kerns, Dixie’s owner Mellenie Kerns’ mother, told Fox 8 News after the press conference, “I just, I don’t understand it. The police force has no respect for me. None.”

Kerns said she now plans to sue the Lorain Police Department to get, “Justice for Dixie.”