CLEVELAND (WJW) – Dr. U.R. Awesome tried to achieve five Guinness World Records right here in Cleveland on Sunday. 

Gary Pearlman, also known as Dr. Awesome, attempted to add to his already 11 Guinness World Record resume at Tower City Center at noon. 

His goal was to achieve five Guinness World records for indoor bubbles.

Dr. Awesome brought along nationally-known bubbler Blaise Ryndes, who ‘blew’ the judges away on America’s Got Talent, to help bring the Guinness Gold to Cleveland.

Viewers were able to go to Tower Court, located on the north side of Tower City, to watch the world record attempts from three different floors. 

Guinness World Records Dr. Awesome tried to achieve: 

  1. Tallest free-standing soap bubble
  2. Tallest supported soap bubble tube
  3. Tallest free-floating soap bubble
  4. Largest soap bubble tornado
  5. Largest Doap bubble volcano

Physicist Thomas Altman, who wrote the book on bubbling, was the certified Guinness calculator for measurement who witnessed all the bubble making Sunday.

We’re still waiting to hear from Guinness if he did indeed break the records.