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HANNIBAL, Mo. — A little boy’s note explaining why he couldn’t make it to school has gone viral after his older sister shared it on Twitter.

Twitter user @Sarahhollidayyy, a Willowick resident, shared the letter Tuesday.

Her brother, who lives with Sarah’s mother in Missouri, wrote the note to their mom in December 2017 after he missed the school bus.

Sarah provided FOX 8 with photos of the letter.

“As your son, I regret to inform you that ive missed my means of public transportation. I know you must be on a rollercoaster of emotions right now but rest assured, i’ve stayed home,” the letter begins.

Courtesy: @sarahhollidayyy

Sarah’s brother continues, explaining that his decision to stay home was a difficult one.  He even made a pros and cons list during his decision making process.

He adds, that by the time his mother returns home he will “probably be in [his] bed moping about the fact that [he] can’t go to school” and politely asks her to not interrupt him.

He then advises her to reference his pros and cons list if she needs any assistance.

Courtesy: @sarahhollidayyy

Sarah told FOX 8 that her mother did indeed let the boy stay home that day.

The boy’s letter has over 870,000 likes and has been shared over 190,000 times.