CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team found that a woman threatened to blow up a Cleveland fire station while demanding an ambulance at that very moment.

The city just released the 911 call to the I-Team.

In the wee hours of the morning last Friday, a woman called 911 from outside Cleveland Fire Station 22 at East 73rd Street and Superior Avenue.

She said she needed an ambulance, and she could see one inside.

In fact, she wanted EMS right then, or else.

The caller said on the recording:

“Wake ’em up and pull the ambulance out. The ambulance is there, OK. So, tell them I’m out here.”

She also asks a dispatcher, “You want me to break the glass?” And, the dispatcher responds with,  “No, ma’am I don’t need you to do that.”

Eventually, the caller erupts into a rage, saying, “Standing my [expletive] ground. Dropping that gasoline and lighting it up.”

The caller did not cause damage, and dispatch did send an ambulance from another location. The crew got there in a few minutes and took the woman to the hospital.

Cleveland police say they determined the incident developed after a sex assault, and detectives are investigating.