LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a police officer needed help, but he couldn’t call dispatch.

Yet another problem related to the emergency radio system in Lorain County for police, fire and EMS.

That led us to investigate what’s taking so long to fix it.

Avon police body camera video revealed the latest failure of the emergency radio system in Lorain County. An officer responded to trouble at a bar, and he realized he needed more officers.

You hear hm say, “170 to radio … we need units here, now.”

Then, “My radio don’t work from here. 170, am I getting out at all?”

Meantime, back in January, we showed you how dispatch lost contact with an ambulance crew in LaGrange during a medical emergency. First-responders say they’ve experienced other similar issues on other calls, too.

So, what about the big fix? Back in January, the Lorain County Commissioners recently backed out of a contract for a new system.

The process has dragged on for years. Now, it is bogged down in legal action, another study, and, this week, we revealed, even an investigation.

Lorain County Sheriff’s Dept. Captain Richard Bosley told us, “I think, right now, we’re trying to be seekers of fact. Is there something that could be looked at as unethical, or illegal?”

Tuesday, we reached out to the president of the Lorain County Commissioners.

He wouldn’t agree to an interview due to pending legal action. But, David Moore sent a statement, saying, in part, “We are moving forward to help develop and update our communications systems.”

However, he didn’t give us a specific timetable for a new emergency radio system. Union leaders have lost patience. They say every time first-responders can’t talk to each other on their radios, it puts emergency crews and you in danger.

Dan Ozbolt, membership coordinator with FOP/Ohio Labor Council, Inc, said, “Enough is enough. Get this resolved.”

He also said, “We don’t want anyone to suffer ill consequences, severe injury, bodily harm, or even death as a result of this including our first-responders.”

Happened before. Just happened again. Happening even with a civil lawsuit, an investigation, another study, and finger-pointing all swirling around.