CLEVELAND (WJW) — A new restaurant in Cleveland has been named one of the best in the United States in 2022.

It’s featured among spots in cities like L.A., New York, Chicago and Miami as part of’s “Top 22 Best New Restaurants in the U.S. 2022” list.

Cordelia, located in the former Lola Bistro, opened in July at 2058 E. 4th St. with a “Midwest grandma” menu.

Fox 8’s Kenny Crumpton featured the restaurant back in October, when Chef Vinnie Cimino helped feature some of its drinks and dishes.

“We are very fortunate to be in this space,” Cimino said at the time. “To almost pick up a torch from where some of our famous chefs left off.”

Tasting Table said part of the restaurant’s appeal “lies in its down-home atmosphere.” It also says “there’s no way you can go wrong in choosing anything from the menu.”

Cimino said they’re also proud of the restaurant’s decor. The old space was completely renovated, stripped down, even to terrazzo flooring with the words “Ohio Factory Outlet” from a store that was open there in 1930s.

Tasting Table says on its website that it “is dedicated to serving modern food and drink enthusiasts.”

It states that the list is a compilation of the country’s best new eateries in 2022. It researched factors such as “consumer reception, innovation and technique and the mission of each establishment.”