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KENT, Ohio (WJW) – A Kent State University professor’s chance encounter with a man who could be his twin has gone viral online with nearly 100,000 views in just a few days.

Professor Sean Mcardle says he was at a hotel in Las Vegas celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday when things got strange.

“There’s like cabanas on either side and like a narrow pool and I’m just kind of swimming through it between the two cabanas basically, and I look over and everybody at this side that I don’t know is pointing at me and laughing, you know so I got really self-conscious,” said Mcardle.

When he looked on the other side of the pool, he said his friends were also pointing at another man and also laughing.

“I look over at this guy, and he looks like looking in the mirror,” said Mcardle.

Mcardle says he is often told he has a celebrity doppelgänger in Seth Rogan.

But the chance encounter in Vegas was strange.

He says he swam over to his look-alike and asked if he was Seth Rogen.

But the chance meeting lasted only for a moment.

“He seemed pretty awkward or like comfortable with the situation, so I swam back and I thought, you know what? I should get his name or whatever and… he’s gone…he’s swimming hard and fast out of the pool…he didn’t want anything to do with it,” said Mcardle.

With all of the people who inhabit planet earth, it is believed that everyone could have a doppelgänger, someone who looks just like them.

A study that was published in August that focused on 32 pairs of people who looked alike but were not related found that they may share some DNA.

Mcardle says he has no idea where the man he encountered in Las Vegas was from.

The professor, who teaches digital media, says even he is surprised by all the attention the photo is getting online.