LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – Residents of a high-rise apartment complex in Lakewood are once again without air conditioning.

“It feels like Groundhog Day. We are right back there again,” said resident Tony Prusak.

The temperature was climbing in Prusak’s apartment Tuesday.

“I noticed it on Friday, because the temperature has been running 63-65 degrees for the past month. But then it was 70, 75 and now it’s 85 right in my place,” said Pursak.

It’s a repeat of what happened to him and about 200 residents of Center North on Detroit Avenue back on July 14.

The apartment building was without air conditioning for three weeks during some of the hottest days of the summer.

“Everyone is in a panic mode right now because a lot of people work from home like myself,” said Prusak.

Last time, property management said a problem with the HVAC system’s motherboard was to blame.

This time, Prusak said technicians are still trying to diagnose the problem.

FOX 8 reached out to Premiere Property Management with Kowit Real Estate for comment regarding the situation. However, our phone calls and emails were not returned Tuesday.

“We’re taking on extra expenses. You can’t work from home. People have to stay with family or friends, and there are people who have moved from other cities so they don’t have places to stay,” said Prusak.

Prusak said last time management gave residents a three-week discount for the inconvenience. 

However, he has not seen that credit on his account yet.