CLEVELAND (WJW) — Nicole Hunter is still in shock, after her son Jaymere Grady, 9, was struck by a speeding vehicle while playing with neighborhood kids outside his home on Bohn Road in Cleveland.

“Whoever it is just took off and left my baby, left him for dead. Just took a life. A precious one,” she said.

Several frantic 911 calls came in just before 9 p.m.: “She was speeding and ran a kid over. I need an ambulance, please send an ambulance.”

“…they was having a water fight and he got hit. And the person, they just kept going,” Hunter told FOX 8.

Jaymere was taken to Metro where he died from his injuries.

Cleveland Metro Housing Authority cameras captured a photo of the vehicle, a dark colored Jeep Grand Cherokee. Witnesses saying after the female driver struck Jaymere, who ran into the roadway between two parked cars, she apparently made a u-turn.

Witness Ayesha Switzer said, “She hit him first, and went down and turned around as he was trying to get back up and then she hit him again. So he was actually trying to get up.”

Photo courtesy Grady family

The suspect’s vehicle is one neighbor’s here in the area say they’ve seen before.
“..I know you felt that. And then to run back and hit him again, you didn’t even stop to think to see if he was okay or whatever the case was. You just had no remorse for nothing,” Switzer said.

A memorial of stuffed animals, balloons and flowers continues to grow outside the victim’s home, now a crime scene.

Jaymere is being remembered as a kind, loving soul who also had a twin brother. They were to celebrate their 10th birthday in June.

“…heart as good as gold and now my baby is just gone.”