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AKRON, Ohio — “Thank You.”

That’s what LeBron James heard many times over on Sunday, as he and a popular TV show teamed up to renovate a family’s home.

The recipient was Mariah Riley, a student in the Wheels for Education program, which is part of the LeBron James Family Foundation.

The home was unveiled to the girl and her family after a week of renovations.

Riley was selected during a drawing, and for seven full days people from the Akron community, HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” and LeBron worked diligently on the renovations.

It was described as non-stop work, 24/7.

But the effort wasn’t just for anyone.

This project was focused on one very special girl, and her drive to learn.

“I was like, oh my gosh. This is the most amazing day of my life,” said Mariah.

She and her family tell Fox 8, they couldn’t be happier. They have an awesome, renovated home in Akron.

And who can say this? LeBron James helped do the heavy lifting.

“The real reason we are here and have smiles on our face is for this group of five right here,” James said.

“I was like really surprised he was going to be here, and I was just like, okay, thank you so much. I was like, I love my room, and I just love how you gave back to the family,” said Riley.

At least 30 organizations from around the city helped with the project, as well.

“He’s holding these kids accountable, and through that you’re showing them if you’re accountable you’re going to receive some really cool things,” said Bryan Rice, with Rice’s Nursery and Landscaping.

Rice was responsible for the landscaping on the project.

“She’s going to go far in life. She’s done a good job doing the work, keeping up with school, behavior, just outstanding,” Mariah’s mom said.

Nicole Curtis, host of “Rehab Addict” was touched by the emotions of the recipients.

“Just now walking the family through and seeing their expressions, it’s unreal,” she said.

The home in Akron is obviously getting a lot of attention on Sunday, but when all of the cameras are gone, the Riley family will have plenty of time to enjoy all of the work that was done.

It was a job that is noticed from top to bottom.

But it wasn’t complete without a game of basketball.

LeBron stayed and hung out with Riley family members on Sunday, and shot a few hoops.

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